Having Social Media presence is important, yes?

Having Social Media Links on your website is important, yes?

Well why not go that one step further and have a LIVE Facebook feed installed on your website? It is relatively easy to install and brings a number of benefits to your website. So much so, here at AB Marketing Services I now include them as standard on all new websites. I also work with a lot of new clients helping them to install them on to existing websites.

Listed below are some of the benefits you can expect to see from the Live Feed:

~ Increased social engagement between you and your users.

~ Save time and energy by using the custom feed to generate dynamic search engine crawlable content on your website.

~ Get more likes on your business page by displaying your Facebook content directly on your site. Users can like your Facebook page without even having to leave your website.

~ Improve SEO, the all important SEO. SEO is enhanced as all of that quality key-word rich Facebook posts you spend time lovingly creating, along with all the comments, are directly embedded into your website.

~ You are able to display your Facebook content your way to perfectly match your websites style and bring a whole new dimension to your site.

~ The pluggin is updated regularly with new features and support is quick & effective.

So you see, theres more to the Live Feed than meets the eye. Go On….Give it a try…!  #AB