Should I use a copywriter? Why would I use a copywriter? These sound like reasonable enough questions for any smart business owner. Chances are you have a good (in fact brilliant) command of the English language, and all a copywriter does is write, in English. So no need to spend money on this slight luxury; better to spend the money on your other business costs, or even take some of your earnings and treat yourself to a nice dinner out. In fact, (whisper it) it feels a bit like cheating; like getting the girl at the top of the English class to help you with your homework. And you’re not a cheat – not any more at any rate…

But using a copywriter will benefit you in ways you may not have considered. Here are 7 wonderful ways using a copywriter will benefit you and your business:
1.A copywriter gives you time to focus. Outsourcing your text-based tasks to a copywriter gives you more time to do what you’re good at and grow your business. Work with a copywriter and say goodbye to writing up product descriptions or social media posts. Instead spend your time building logarithms, trimming hedges or making jewellery; whatever it is that you are good at, builds your client base and makes you money.

2. You’ll be working with a professional. A good copywriter has trained to become a professional in that field. They might have learnt on the job and done their time in the industry or have studied to fast-track into copywriting after spending time in another field. This training and experience means they know what they’re doing. They know the tricks of the trade – the words to leave out and the parts of the message to focus on. They can write to any word count limit without sounding waffley or terse. They know the words which drive sales and the terms of phrase that put people off. And they can do it quickly.

3. You don’t need to worry about grammar & spelling. Your copywriter’s bread and butter is manipulation of the English language, so expect them to have a strong command of the (often confusing) rules of English grammar. Apostrophes, homonyms, commas, semi-colons and paragraph length pose no problem for a quality copywriter. You don’t need to worry about your grammar letting you down, or your spellcheck not picking up on typos. Get your copywriter to proof-read and copy-edit text you’ve already created or ask them to do the lot for you. Which would work for you? Most copywriters are as flexible as you need them to be.

4. Your website will work harder for you. Using a copywriter to help write or edit your website will make this potential goldmine earn its keep. A decent copywriter will understand the fundamentals of SEO. They’ll make sure your website content is relevant to your selected client base and construct the copy in such a way that makes it work hard with search engines. They’ll sort out your metadata, and save you a whole heap of time and anguish. And what does a hardworking website mean? More potential clients… Bingo!

5.Keep your focus on your customer. As a switched-on business owner, your primary focus is your customer. So why is it that when writing websites or marketing materials, even the most client-focused business-owner gets tied up in knots about what they themselves do and what makes them different? They forget to tell their potential customers what’s in it for them. If you don’t tell someone what’s in it for them, then they move on. A quality copywriter will rebalance the focus of your materials, and pull out the benefits you offer your customers, making and your business irresistible.

6. Avoid the “Curse of Knowledge”. You’re the expert in your business. Which is great, except when you need to explain things to other people. That’s when you find you can’t see the wood for the trees, it becomes difficult to work out what’s jargon and what’s not. A copywriter will tease away the idioms and jargon that are so difficult to avoid. You’ll see your business brilliance clothed in plain English – simple enough for your gran to understand. Which means your customers will have no problem understanding it either.

7. They’re like an extra pair of hands. Work with a copywriter, and you’ve got an extra person on your team. Once they’ve spent the time getting to know the nitty-gritty of what you do and who you talk to, they’ll know your business inside out so you can rely on them to support and grow your business in your best interests.

Having read through these points, I’m sure you’ll agree that using a copywriter is a lot more than the equivalent of getting the class English geek to do your homework. A good copywriter is a true asset to your business and will help you talk effectively to some of the most important people in your world – your customers. Use a copywriter and you’ll talk to your customers in a way they understand and that’s true to you and your business. Work with a copywriter and you’ll talk to your customers in a way that gives you the results you and your business need.

Blog Courtesy Of: Laura Sands Copywriting