We are all photographers aren’t we? Most of us own smart phones or a fancy digital camera we use for our holiday snaps. I am one of those people that does use my phone for pictures, they are always to hand and the quality is good enough to capture a memory to look back on in years to come (make sure you back up your photos!!).

As a photographer my job is to make the subject, whether a profile picture of yourself or an image of what you are selling, look it’s best. The visual impact of what you are selling to a potential client is huge. It could be the difference between  somebody flicking past your business on a web site or magazine, compared to them stopping and admiring what you have done to make your business stand apart from the rest. It could be simple, clear and to the point or something that has the real ‘wow’ factor.

As new parents and like many others it’s just incredible how fast babies grow up and grow out of clothes and new toys hardly worn or used. I’ve never been one for eBay or second hand sites, but with the amount of baby stuff we had we had to do something!! So we started trawling through web sites to get an idea of what people were selling and for how much. I was just amazed at how people gave no thought into selling their second hand goods and how they were displayed to the world. With that in mind I set up my portable studio lighting and started to shoot away. The results when uploaded to the second hand sites were fantastic, they totally stood apart from other similar items sold by other sellers. The pure white backdrop I used and correctly exposed images produced a look that made our second hand items look new! Now I know I’m in a fortunate position to do this as I have the equipment, but it really is something to think about when presenting yourself or a product to a potential client. Make yourself stand apart from the rest. A professionally shot profile picture gives an impression and message that you are professional!

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