Loathe the phone? Let us generate interest, create opportunities, factor customer feedback and produce to you good solid leads that will make you LOVE picking up the phone. Leaving you free to close the deals. 

Telemarketing is a fantastic marketing option for targeted campaigns to other businesses. Identifying interest and needs so an effective follow up can be made to develop the relationship. From crafting your approach and choosing prospects, making the calls and sending follow up emails, we’re here for the entire campaign. Used to gain appointments, renewal dates and relevant contact’s details, telemarketing helps you fill up your pipeline proactively. Our team of UK based telemarketers average 15 years experience in getting businesses more leads and clients. 


Why telemarketing?

Identify interest
Generate new leads
Create opportunities

Why telemarketing?

Identify interest
Generate new leads
Create opportunities


There’s three main types of campaigns that we can provide for you; cold calling, database cleansing and following up. You can find more information on each of these three below.
Cold calling
Cold calling is contacting people who have never heard of you before. This type of campaign is great for targeted businesses, to work through a list of companies relevant to your business. In a telemarketing campaign our aim is to find out if there is interest for your services, who to talk to and to get permission to send an email and/or arrange a phone call for you to discuss further. 
Database cleansing
A database cleansing campaign is ideal for if you’ve got a list that you want updated. Maybe you purchased a database a few years ago, or you want us to call email subscribers of yours, or people that have requested information over the years. The aim of the calls are to find out if the data is accurate and wherever possible replace it with more up to date information.
Following up
It can be difficult to follow people up who’ve enquired can’t it? They’ve requested a quote or information pack, and then went silent. Let our friendly telemarketers contact your cold leads and find out where they are. Often it’s just slipped their mind or they simply don’t have the budget anymore. We can help you get answers and more clients from existing enquiries and customers.

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What else?

How do you know who to call?

We discuss your requirements with you. You can provide us with the spreadsheet of data which we’ll TPS check (if not existing customers of yours) or we can purchase data. If you have more specific requirements then we can manually research people to call based on your needs.

What do I need to provide you with?

We’ll need a basic script (bullet points is fine), some FAQ’s with answers (what do people tend to ask you immediately?), the data to call (we can provide if needed) in a spreadsheet format and some background information about your company (a website is usually fine).


£25 per hour for telemarketing
£20 per 200 contacts – standard purchased data
£15 per hour for manually researching people
Payment is required in full in advance by bank transfer, cheque or cash. We need at least 1 week’s notice to book work in.


  • AB Marketing Services is based in Bradwell on Sea in Essex and Adele regularly meets with most of our Essex based business owners. Whilst further afield isn’t always possible Adele will always try to accommodate those wanting to meet face to face when she can. As we deal with clients Nationwide, most are perfectly happy to communicate via telephone and email. 
  • We work with all sorts! From tradespeople to accountants to bakers, fashion boutiques, authors and car manufacturers. Every business requires some level of digital marketing and we love the variety of people we work with! 

  • Payment is required in advance by bank transfer, cash or cheque.



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