Choosing the perfect domain name is very exciting but can also feel like a daunting task for fear of getting it wrong. Below i have listed a few key points to consider when choosing your perfect domain.

1: Be Original – You want your website to be found on its own merits and not confused with possible spelling errors. Stand proud and make the domain unique.

2: Avoid Copyright – Be sure to do your research! If you choose a domain name that conflicts with any commercial name that already exists, you risk losing it. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

3: Make It Easy – It is crucial for online success to find a domain name thats easy to type as well as easy to remember. Avoid slang and abbreviations though as they will be harder to find and not always understood.

4: Avoid the Odds – Try to avoid hyphens, numbers or anything slightly odd when choosing your domain. It is easier for potential clients to find you and also saves you having to explain when its communicated over the telephone or radio.

5: Protect Your Brand – Once you’ve decided on the perfect domain name be sure to sure to purchase alternative domain extensions. By purchasing extra variations, such as .com/ etc you are protecting your brand and preventing competitors from registering other versions.

Summary: Basically, if its memorable, pronounceable, short, clever, easy to spell and suggests the nature of your business, you’ve got yourself a winner!!!

So now you’ve read my top tips you should be well equipped to chose your PERFECT domain. If you have any further queries regarding domain names or any other digital marketing questions, please get in touch with me at: 

Happy Marketing!