What exactly is SEO?

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of your website in a search engines ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ search results. In general, the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search engine results list, the more visitors your site will attract. Understanding Google and its algorithm is key when it comes to SEO strategies.

How Can You Improve Your Websites SEO? 

Here is a list of the main areas you should look to improve:

  • Title pages
  • Key word usage (usage should be clear, strong and meaningful and reflect your main search areas/criteria)
  • Content – ensure you have good quality, strong, unique and engaging content (a copywriter can prove invaluable when assisting you with this)
  • Optimising online customer funnels to your site
  • Alt tags (Google-bots can only crawl text not images – ensure images are correctly titled)
  • Back links (quality links in and out of your site and register with all local directories)
  • Make your website easy to share with SM links – live feeds are the best
  • Keep content fresh and updated (if you can’t always find time to update your website, then installing live feeds from your social media pages will take care of this for you. Simply by posting updates on Facebook it will then ensure fresh content is fed to your site and is available every time your site is crawled)
  • Blog – Blogging will enhance your SEO in lots of way, but mainly with increased key word usage and will ensure fresh content
  • Get set up on webmaster tools (search console) and submit your site to google (there are You Tube videos that will help guide you through this).

By improving in these areas you can help ensure your site has a broader target audience. If all this seems a little daunting there are professionals that can help. They can take care of all this for you whilst providing you with website statistic reports showing you:

  • Where your site was found (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)
  • The exact ‘Key Words’ & ‘Key Word Phrases’ that were used to find your website
  • The exact ’search engine page where visitors found your website
  • Your most (and least) popular pages
  • Your monthly ‘Page Views’, ‘Visitors’ & ‘Unique Visitors’
  • How your website was viewed.. i.e. PC, Mobile Phone, iPad etc. detailing the number of various mobile device used
  • The IP address of your visitors

Most SEO experts will provide you with a snap shot of this information in a summary report that shows an overview analysis of how your site has performed for the previous month. In most cases, SEO professionals will team this with analysing your traffic stats and ensuring your sites pages are optimised for Google. They will also give your site a monthly health check, update back-end software where necessary and even update and re-submit your site map to Google.

SEO plays an important role in your websites performance. If you would like any further information about how you can improve your own sites SEO or would like us to take care of it for you, please contact us via our website at: www.abmarketingservices.com

Happy Marketing!