Firstly…What is SEO?

Well SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to be precise, is a term that is used to describe actions taken that aim to optimise a website for search engines.

SEO is hugely important not only for obtaining quality and vast quantities of visitors to your site from searches, but it is also a way to improve the user-friendliness of your website and to increase its credibility.

Search engines use complex algorithms, a bit like a credit scoring system, to determine which pages of sites they use in their search results and indexing.

SEO is the way we interpret our sites to search robots in a way they can understand.


On page SEO includes:

  • Optimising titles & descriptions
  • Ensuring quality keyword rich content is used
  • Continuous new & fresh content added regularly – A live Facebook feed could help you achieve this (See our: Live Facebook Feed Blog)
  • Using proper URL structures
  • Having user friendly navigation (sitemaps, easy to locate contact forms etc)
  • Internal Links
  • Making sure ALL images have key word Alt tags in place and all images are of a suitable size
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Awesome mobile response
  • External Links


So….what about OFF PAGE SEO then?

Well, off page SEO refers to techniques that are used to improve your sites position on a search engine result page, beyond the website design boundaries.

Off page refers to things such as: Link building, Promotion methods, Social media marketing and anything else used to help drive traffic to your website.

With successful off page SEO strategies you will notice your website will perform better with an increase in rankings as well as page ranks which in turn will provide you with the sought after exposure that you are looking for. It then becomes a snowball effect of never-ending sequences of events where one thing then leads to another.


Link building is probably one of the most popular & highly effective off page SEO methods. By collecting external links to your website you are gathering ‘votes’ and improving your sites authority. Any website wiling to promote or pass on your website link is worth pursuing, and perhaps even returning the favour.

Social media marketing is another very strong and successful method to use to share your website links and help drive traffic to your site.

Guest blogging is another popular opportunity of getting your voice heard as well as the all important link to your website.


In conclusion, off page SEO is as important as on page SEO. If you want your overall SEO efforts to be successful you will have to work at them both. Ensure you tackle one item at a time. No one likes a jack of all trades and master of none :)

It’s far better to nail one area at a time. It will allow for time to be used wisely and not too thinly spread where corners get cut. It will also allow for costs to be spread and things not spiral out of control, particularly important for smaller businesses where budgets are low.

I personally believe in good old fashioned handwork. Any effort is better than no effort and will always be rewarded accordingly. An overall well designed, high quality content website with a good solid organic SEO strategy will always be a winner :)

Many marketing companies will offer some level of sound and free advice on how to improve your sites SEO and if your budget allows can also carry out some of the more complex or time consuming tasks for you.

Don’t be afraid of SEO and certainly don’t ignore it, reach out!

Happy Marketing