Telemarketing is a service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, factors customer feedback and produces leads all by telephone.


By outsourcing your telemarketing you can benefit from:

~ Lower Costs – By outsourcing your work you won’t suffer the commitment of employing extra staff in house. This in turn relieves you not only of the time and stress in doing so, but also the financial ties that come with it. You can therefore sit back and relax and not worry about guaranteeing a salary or bonus or even holiday pay! You wont have to pay out if your campaign is put on hold due to sick leave. By outsourcing you won’t have the worry of recruitment, training, tax codes or national insurance costs either. This therefore makes telemarketing affordable for even the smallest of businesses!

~ Flexibility – Your business, your goals, your decisions! The level of campaign activity can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements. Work loads can be increased and accelerated or decreased and slowed down depending on the flow of work it’s producing and the budget of your business.

~ Dedicated & Experienced Staff – By outsourcing to a strong and motivated telemarketing company you will get yourself staff who love what they do. Staff will be experienced and enjoy being on the telephone talking to prospects. Following extensive training and years of experience, expert telemarketers know how to handle themselves, build rapports and spot opportunities instinctively. Dedicated telemarketers will care for your brand and promote your business to its full potential, using notes provided and various questioning techniques they will be able to gather valuable information and handle objections sensitively.

~ Free Up Your Time – By outsourcing to an agency to generate your leads and appointments this frees up you and your precious time, leaving you to focus on closing the deals. This saves you from hours on the phone and will maximise the time you get for prospects, in turn giving you a greater return on investment from your sales and marketing activity.

~ Independent Answers! – It’s our business, it’s our ‘baby’ and all too often we get tied up in the day to day running that we don’t always see the bigger picture. Telemarketers are independent and unbiased, they spend hours talking to potential customers within your target audience and will provide you with detailed findings and feedback from the frontline. This is key to spotting new opportunities and enhancing your offerings.

~Just Get Results – Good telemarketers can take forever to recruit. By outsourcing this to a marketing agency they have already done the hard part for you. You won’t need to recruit them or manage them, you just get handed the results!

AB Marketing Services can provide you with high quality specialist telemarketers to help you generate new business and ultimately increase your revenue.
Each individual campaign is tailored to your needs and delivered by intelligent and experienced professional telemarketers.
The key to our success is to be both professional and personable, thus ultimately winning repeat business.
We work hard to build long lasting relationships by providing a good standard of return on investment.
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