Outsourcing your marketing can be very effective if you’re needing extra resources and help with your marketing, especially if funds and budgets are low.
Using an outsourced marketing agency enables you to have access to marketing professionals, their wealth of knowledge and skills without needing to pay for in-house personnel.
By appointing an outsourced marketing manager they are able to take care of all your marketing needs either as a one off campaign or an on-going basis, tailored to suit your individual requirements and budgets.
Instead of being employed directly, an outsourced consultant provides all the support you need from their own premises.

‘Ok’ I hear you say….So what are the benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Manager then?
Well…. plenty really….

~ How about Low Overheads?  – No need to think extra salaries, stopping their tax, keeping up with national insurance contributions or pension schemes. Don’t pay staff wages or for them to swan off on holiday or call in sick on your time and money. You won’t have to worry about any of these associated costs that come with permanent staff members! You won’t even need to provide a desk or a PC.
~How does Increased Productivity & Better Creativity Sound? – Only pay for the time spent on YOUR work, achieving YOUR results. Don’t pay for someone to get stuck in traffic on their way to your office or for someone to have a lunch break! Outsourced consultants only bill for their time spent actually working on YOUR work. Consultants time and efforts are more structured and dedicated and they realise time is money and make your money work for you. Outsourced consultants are often more creative too and less restrained with do’s and don’ts.
~What about getting Wider Knowledge & Experience?
Marketing consultants often work for a broad spectrum of clients across various industries at any one time. This in turn means they will have increased experience of different aspects within marketing that they can apply to your business.
~ Does Flexibility appeal to you? – The great thing with outsourcing is that your marketing can be scaled up or down to suit your individual requirements, budgets and timeframes. You are not beholden to providing a consultant a set number of hours or salary in the same way that you would be an employed member of staff.

So what do you need to do if you’re now considering outsourcing your marketing? 
Step 1 – The Needs! Firstly determine your requirements and establish exactly what it is you want to achieve? You need to have things clear in your own mind before you even attempt to try and tell someone else what it is you want!!!!
Step 2 – The Budget! Be realistic!!! How much can you actually comfortably afford to pay? It may be worth going in a little lower (which will allow for a contingency) and increasing it should you need to.
Step 3 – The Research! Surf the web, ask in Facebook forums and seek recommendations! Read reviews and get to know who you are dealing with, the experience they have and the reputation they hold.
Step 4 – The Interview! – Check your consultants credentials, chat with them and be sure you connect with them! You both need to get on for any successful business arrangements to flourish.
Step 5 – The Agreement! – Decide and agree, mutually, what you would like your consultant to be able to carry out for you and within what sort of timeframe. Set guidelines such as signing off procedures, reporting structures, frequency of contact and what evaluation methods are to be used to measure progress.

Once you have reached step 5 you should be set for a very happy and fruitful working relationship with your consultant.

The key to success in all this is COMMUNICATION – keeping in touch and discussing progress and tweaking where necessary will ensure things run smoothly.

So if after considering all this, you think maybe outsourcing your marketing is for you and would like an informal chat and free no-obligation quote, please feel free to contact myself at:

Happy Marketing!